Post-Injury Running: How I’m Screwing It Up

OK, OK. I’ve held off long enough. It’s about time for some running talk up in herrrrre!

So. Yes, I have been running, and aside from the usual anxiety I have about every single aspect of my life running post-injury, it’s been going remarkably well.

{knock on wood}

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I do have my eye on a marathon somewhere out there in the next few months, but I haven’t registered or fully committed or even really been training specifically to that end, so we’re not going to talk about that just yet, because of my obvious superstition that talking about it will jinx me.

Over the last 12 days, I’ve run exactly 7 times.

Over the last 12 days, I’ve run exactly 7 times without pain.



So, yes. Victory is mine!

I think.

I’ve been trying to keep my pace around 9 minute miles, but I tend to get a little carried away. After my 6 week ridiculously long hiatus, I’m so pumped to be running again that every single time I hit the pavement, I’m all, “I’m flyyyyyyinggggg!!! My feet shoot rainbows! I want to run foreverrrrrrrr!!!” Which results in paces a little faster than they should be. Like my inaugural 10 miler last Saturday with Corey, which looked like this:

10 mile stats

That’d be 8:37 pace. And I probably would have run it faster if I were alone because I’m stupid like that.

Is there any reason I need to be running fast right now? Nope. The goal should be to simply get out and run, not to run like a bat out of hell.

Then, yesterday, I decided it was time for a tempo run.

{noticing a theme here???}

It went like this: 6 miles total with 4 miles at tempo pace 7:41.

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In retrospect, maybe not so smart. But it didn’t hurt, so that’s definitely a good sign. Still, I know I need to cool it, or I’m going to re-injure myself, and that just won’t do. I’m still going to run, but I’ll be making every effort to slow myself down. This morning, I did just over 4 miles around 8:50 pace–not ideal, but better. And I have a hot date with my foam roller later today, followed by some yoga tomorrow, which I’m thinking my hip/back will like very much. No, it doesn’t hurt, but it feels a little off. I’m sure that tempo run has everything to do with it, too.

Feel free to lecture me, but I obviously know what I’m doing wrong, and I’m starting my twelve step program now.

I will learn my lesson


I really REALLY want to stay injury free, and I know I can if I take it easy. The thing is, I also really REALLY want to run a marathon. Soon. These obviously go hand in hand, but if anyone has any fabulous advice to lavish upon me, I’ll take it!