Monday Musings

As Melissa ingeniously pointed out on twitter last night, today is actually Wednesday. Think about that for a moment. Now smile. :) Happy Hump Day!

It’s Thanksgiving week, so naturally we’ve all got gratitude on our minds (at least, I hope we do . . .). Karolina posted this morning, as she does every Monday, about thankfulness, but she put a little twist on it. Rather than simply focusing on the things we’re thankful for, she challenged everyone to turn your feelings into action. So smart! Now I just have to think of what I’d like to do to show the people in my life I’m grateful for them. Hmmmm . . .

For once, I’m actually thankful for living alone because I got to do this yesterday:

And yes, I know for most of you it’s ridiculously early to have your tree up, but seasonal decor is sort of my thing, and I have to get as much mileage out of Christmas tree season as I possibly can. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon watching Christmas movies and decorating up a storm. It was pretty awesome. Even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, my Christmas tree gets me in the holiday spirit, so I’m embracing the fact that living alone=doing whatever you want.


I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that I haven’t cooked anything lately. All the traveling and busy-ness with work lately has totally screwed me up. I miss cooking–and eating–good meals. I really really need to get back to menu planning, so here’s my attempt at being accountable. The main issue I have with this list is that none of it seems to appeal at this moment. Hmmmm. Hopefully, I’ll be more excited about some of this when it comes time for dinner.

Monday: Spinach, Tofu, Sesame Stir Fry (or something with spinach and tofu!)
Tuesday: Pumpkin Soup
Wednesday: Turkey Bacon and Veggie Scramble
Thursday: Thanksgiving at Mom’s! (I’m bringing a caramelized onion tart with feta and walnuts for an appetizer)
Friday: hello leftovers!
Saturday: probably out with the fam :)

If you have any better ideas of what to do with spinach, tofu, pumpkin, turkey bacon, and eggs, please share. I also have tortillas and tortilla chips. Oh, and cheese. Please help! I’m feeling less than pumped about this week’s menu.

Now that I’m no longer training for anything, I have to come up with my own game plan for workouts, too, which has never been my favorite thing. Here’s my attempt at being accountable on that front:
Monday: 6 mile run
Tuesday: 4 mile run + Jackie Warner
Wednesday: 5 mile tempo run
Thursday: 6 mile run with new running group!
Friday: REST (ie., shopping!)
Saturday: 10 mile run with running group

Yep, you saw that right–I’m running with a group! I went for the first time last Saturday and did 10 miles with them. And–get ready for it–I didn’t even bring my iPod! Crazy. I thought it might be boring, but nope! I ran with my friend Steph, and we chatted the whole time and even kept a pretty quick pace. Shocked the hell out of me, if you want the truth, but I liked it.

What’s on your mind this Monday? Any great dinner ideas for me out there???