Anxiety Girl Strikes Again!

Once again, I have succumbed to peer pressure in blogland and jumped on another bandwagon.

Chia turtle

Against my better judgement, I went ahead and put chia seeds in my smoothie.

I’ve got to tell you–I was nervous. Apprehensive. Anxious.






You see, I’m not a fan of seedy things: Motels. Affairs. Bars. Jam.

Yeah, I don’t like seeds in my shiz. I don’t want seeds in my jelly, rye bread, or yogurt, thankyouverymuch. Pomegranates? That’s like, a whole fruit of seeds. I cannot handle such a thing. Pomegranate martini? Yes. Pomegranate seed? No.

But I’m getting off track.

Pomegranate martini

I’ve been reading for years about chia seeds and how good they are for you with their Omega 3s and blah blah blah. But I am into things that are good for me, and I did start putting spinach in my smoothies at the recommendation of blogland, so why not jump on the chia seed bandwagon, too, right?

Well, the seed thing, for starters. There’s nothing I hate more than crunching on a seed in something that’s supposed to be smooth and soft. Blech. Gross.

Still, I had heard about how chia seeds could turn soft and gel-like when mixed with water or other liquids, thereby making them more gooey and less seedy. So maybe I could stand them? Maybe they wouldn’t be quite as offensive as I’d made them out to be?

But then, there’s the commitment issue. I mean, chia seeds aren’t necessarily cheap. They’re not super pricey, either, but if I’m going to spend $10 on a grocery item, I want to love it. I mean really love it. Like slather it over everything and cover my body in it love it.


But I’m getting off track. Again.

A few weeks ago, the super nice and friendly Anthony at Swanson Health got in touch to see if I’d like to try a few of their products.


Free chia seeds? No risk? No nervousness or anxiety or fretting?



From the Swanson website:

Chia seeds really are a nutrient-dense super-food, and if it’s Salvia hispanica it’s just that–chia! We’ll make no outrageous claims about our Chia seeds, except to say that just one tablespoon of these tiny little white seeds delivers a daily dose of fiber, protein, calcium, essential fatty acids and more.

That all sounds pretty fantastic to me. So I did the damn thing and threw them into my usual green monster–vanilla protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, a frozen banana, a big handful of spinach, some ice, and a healthy pinch of xantham gum for thickening.

The verdict?

IMG 20120404 121803

No crunching or weirdness at all! They literally melted right into the smoothie and made it extra thick.

IMG 20120404 121839

Plus (and this could totally just be in my head), I felt like this smoothie kept me fuller than usual. Those chia seeds have some staying power!

IMG 20120404 121823

While I’m not ready to sprinkle them on my PB-covered english muffins, I’ll definitely keep adding them to my smoothies–and I’m totally trying them in “egg” form in something baked, so you can go ahead and get yourselves ready for that!

Did you ever have a chia pet?

I did not. But my child of the 80s self really wishes I had.

Where do you stand on chia seeds? Yay or nay?

Gotta tell ya–I think I’m a fan!

Disclaimer: Swanson Health let me try their White Chia Seeds free of charge, but all opinions here are from yours truly! Come on–you know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t say I liked something if I didn’t, right? Right.