range from Shades Avon Simply Pretty Nail Polish

I neglected to include the maroon enchantment one so here is the swatch of it underneath

Here are the shades again in shut everything down:

A greenish blue shade without any gleams, it gives reflexive wrap up. The shading pay-off is incredible and gets you a murky scope in 2 coats.

Awesome hues, quality outcomes and numerous shades, what more might you be able to request.

Water dream is another discharge this year alongside 12 other new shades and every one costs your Rs99.

Maroon enchantment is the exemplary maroon shade, looks extraordinary on all skin tones and is ideal for any event.

Cold blue with sparkles runs well with all events. Blue is a season shading and chilly blue is definitely not a failure.

Sweet pink is a grayish shade with a slight pinkish touch and sparkles.

Mango madness is a blend of pink and orange. it’s an incredible substitute to the exhausting hues available.

Pink pound is an incredible substitute for those pricy bare shades. It’s popular and runs well with everybody.

This is a splendid shading, more like a shade lesser than neon pink, and has no sparkle. Wear it to create an impression.

On the off chance that you are an enthusiast of gold nail shading, this is the shade for you. It goes murky in two coats and radiate through.

This splendid red is ideal for unique events. Suits most skin composes and gives a remarkable look.

Cool coral is an exceptionally decent shade suiting any skin tone. A trace of coral influences a day by day wear to shade, and simple on the eyes.

This range happens to somewhat less expensive, at just Rs 65. A simple to apply and dependable range, it couldn’t show signs of improvement.

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