I went to the physical therapist today! Aren’t you proud??? 

Basically, she said that my ligaments probably get really loose during my, ahem, monthly cycle, and it’s causing my hips to shift just enough that I’m feeling pain. Did you know that your ligaments get all wonky during that time of the month? Because I surely did not. Anyway, if you’re prone to that, when you do really strenuous exercise around then, things can get out of whack. And they don’t go back unless someone makes them go back. Fascinating. 


Yep, that sucker slides right out of place. Rude.

She also did a full workup on me, which basically entailed checking my range of motion and flexibility as well as measuring my legs. Apparently, my aversion to stretching has caught up with me because my hamstrings, piriformus (in your hip/booty region), and sacrospinalis (right next to your spine) are tiiiiiiiiiight. Now, I have lots of stretches and exercises to do to get them in tip top shape. She also adjusted my hips and while they’re not totally in the right spot yet, they will be soon. Once a week in PT for the next four weeks, and I’ll be good as new! 

What I’m most excited about, though, is that I haven’t had any pain during my runs this week–aka, no missed workouts. The hip pain only comes after the runs, and now that I know the cause of it and have had my hips adjusted, I should be good to go.

Running girl

My PT was very attuned to the fact that I’m training for a marathon and asked me lots of questions about my training routine as well as my muscles and joints. I love it when you go to a doctor, and they actually take care of you. 

I have to say, I’m slightly annoyed with myself for not doing this back in February when I first got this injury, but live and learn, right? At least I have it under control now before NYC, which is the race that really matters to me! 


12 thoughts on “Wonky

  1. Yay! Good news :) I hear you on the tight hips/back/etc. I did some abductor exercises last night and holy wow am I weak! Definitely due to the tightness. I just really dislike stretching…

    • Ugh. ME TOO!!!! But I know it will be worth it. I just wish I could pay someone to stretch for me or something.


  2. so happy to hear you finally are getting the care and info and knowledge you needed girl! Now we’re both in PT. :-) I got the OK today to walk without the boot 40% of my day. Slowly but surely I’m getting there…

    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. that woman in the photo. Her butt crack is missing. Photoshop at its finest.
    hip adjustment by a PT doesn’t sound like a comfortable process. Do you cuss at her much? Ouch!

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