I’m Here!

Hi friends! Life is total madness right now, but I wanted to pop in and let you know that I made it to DC in one piece! 

Here’s the last few days in pictures . . . very sparse pictures! I promise to share more as soon as humanly possible!!! 

A very long drive down the Ohio and Pennsylvania turnpikes caravanning with my moving truck! IMG 20120511 100042

(Fun fact: I am terrified of moving trucks and couldn’t even ride in it. Add that to my list of issues.)

An apartment full of boxes that seemed insurmountable. This made me want to cry.

IMG 20120511 192427

Holy amaze balls. Yes, I went there. This pizza from Ulah Bistro was pretty much life changing. Tomatoes, basil, crab, mozzarella, asiago, and ricotta. It was supposed to have artichokes, too, but I think they forgot them. Still life changing.

IMG 20120513 122505

Oh, and we got locked out of the apartment. So my teeny tiny sister saved the day by shimmying in through the window. 2012 05 12 13 37 54 281

And then there was this–a much needed bloody mary made with jalapeño vodka. You can see why I forgot to take a photo before the glass was empty, right???

IMG 20120513 123845

Roo’s settling in ok. But I think she might hate me. Anybody have any advice on how to acclimate a dog to a new place? (Other than daily doses of Benadryl :-/ )


I have lots more to share, but right now, I need to work! This city ain’t cheap, and they probably won’t pay me if I don’t actually do anything. Sad. 

Miss you all!!! What’s everyone been up to! 



11 thoughts on “I’m Here!

  1. Jill says:

    You crazy gal – but I should talk there was a period of my life where I moved every year for seven years. Despite what you said, Roo looks happy. Love the sofa and pillow.

    Happy settling in!!

  2. That apartment does look a bit like a cluster-fluff at the moment haha, but you will get around to figuring out where it all goes, slowly but surely! Ermm yeah and that pizza? heck yes to the combo of flavors!

  3. 1) CRAB PIZZA!! MUST!!
    2) viszla = next dog i must have. so annoyingly cute.
    3) don’t worry too much; i moved once and counted 186 boxes in my apartment. you can’t have that many! and if you do, you will probably make, like i did, the life-affirming decision to throw half of it out. which, actually, won’t be that helpful as you’ll still have 93 boxes which is still way too many. But still! ;)

  4. Sandra says:

    Glad your move went well, well as well as can be expected anyway! Not that moves ever make one feel well – oh well, ha! Totally in a crazy mood today. Can I have a Roo too? TOO FRIGGIN’ Cute! Love how she seems to have made herself at home already. :)

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