Girls’ Night at Pacific Rim

Who else is enjoying a day off today? I have been somewhat productive, cleaning my monstrosity of a house. With this little crazypants running around, it’s making it tough to keep it clean which makes the type-A in me want to crawl out of her skin.


She likes to help. With everything. ;)

But otherwise, I’ve been trying to do a whole lot of nothing. So far so good. I’ve got a 7 mile run staring me in the face, but I’m, um, resting a little more before I do it. Yeah. That’s it . . .

On Friday night, my friend Ashley and I met up for a much-needed girls’ ┬ánight. We went to a restaurant in Ann Arbor that I’d never been to before–Pacific Rim.


As you can probably guess by the name, they specialize in Asian fusion food, and everything is amazingly fresh and light. We started with cucumber martinis made with lime-infused vodka.


I could’ve drunk about 6 more of those, but I controlled myself and stuck to one.

The restaurant itself is pretty tiny, so we sat at the bar rather than trying to get a table and ate dinner there. Honestly, this is my favorite way to eat out. Sitting at the bar means you don’t have to feel rushed by a server who’s trying to turn the table. You can linger and relax and just hang out. It’s pretty ideal.

We started with some spring rolls, filled with tiger shrimp, taro, and vegetables and served with a chili-lime dipping sauce.


Our meals came with a salad. I have no idea what it was dressed in–some kind of sesame dressing–but it was incredible. The salad was really just lettuce, but it was one of the best salads I’ve had in a very long time. So fresh!


Then came dinner. Holy heck. I don’t even know where to begin. Ashley and I shared 2 dishes: the scallops and the seared tuna.


Seared tuna with ginger-miso sauce, wasabi oil, jicama salad, and sushi rice


Quinoa crusted scallops with fennel, edamame, coconut-jasmine rice, and carrot-lemongrass sauce

No words. Simply insanely delicious. If I had to commit to one favorite, I’d have to choose the scallops. They were perfectly cooked and that sauce? I could drink it. By the gallon. Seriously so so good.

When we were sufficiently stuffed, we decided we should probably have dessert anyway, so we walked down the street to La Dolce Vita to have a peanut butter bomb.



Filled with peanut butter and garnished with candied bacon. It was ridiculously rich, and yet, I couldn’t stop eating it. OOF! But worth it.

Good thing I ran 16 miles the next morning–I may have burned that thing off. ;)

Gotta love girls’ night!

DSC06555 JPG

Thanks, Ash, for a great night out!

Now, about that 7 miler . . .

9 thoughts on “Girls’ Night at Pacific Rim

  1. OMG I want all of that food. ASAP! It looks amazing! Quinoa crusted scallops? Yes please. I wonder if something like that is easy to make…but it probably wouldn’t taste as good haha. So glad you had a great night out with your friend!

  2. Wow – that dinner sounds fabulous!! I wish scallops weren’t so expensive – I’d make them more often.

    I hope you enjoyed your day off and got that 7-miler in :)

    • Martini kicks are dangerous! But this one could send me on a spiral! SO SO SO good! Yes, we need a girls’ night. STAT. (wow, that was a lot of capital letters . . .)

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