Bit IT

Last week, I was the lucky winner of the lovely Lindsay’s giveaway!


What did I win?? A sampler package of Lush Nuts!


In five varieties: Original, Cinnamon Spice, Hot Curry, Salt & Pepper, and Coffee. I’m so excited to try them! Thanks, Linds and Lush Nuts folks!


Why is it so fun to get a package in the mail??? You could send me a box of pretty much anything, and I’d be thrilled. OK, not anything, but you know what I mean. ;)


So in my tizzy of excitement for the Fall Family Fun yesterday, I almost forgot about my training run on Saturday! Almost.

On Friday, I literally geared up for my 14 miles with a trip to Dick’s for some sporting goods.

My purchases:

Under Armour ColdGear LeggingsUnder armour

Gu vanilla beanChomps CA

The chomps and gu were good purchases–I used them both on the run and they worked out really well. No, um, intestinal issues to contend with. The tights and top? Well, I really had to talk myself into them. I know I spend half my life running, but those are investment pieces! I mean, I’m just going to sweat and be gross in them, so how much do I really want to spend? And at $50 a pop, you want them to last a while, right? Right. So, I convinced myself to stop being so damn cheap and committed to the fancy running gear. OK, it’s not that fancy, but fancy for me, considering I usually run in clothes I got at Old Navy or from my sister when she was tired of them.

Anyway, I set out early on Saturday morning for a 14 miler. It was cold–30 degrees!–but clear and I bundled up in my new tights and top, along with a headband and gloves, and hit the road. I felt really great at the beginning. I didn’t feel overly fast, but not particularly slow, either. My first few miles cruised by, and I was actually really surprised that I was maintaining about an 8:30 pace without feeling like I was going to die.

And I know we’ve all seen this, but it feels appropriate here, so indulge me if you will.


Maybe I look more like the first chick than I thought? Nah, that’s not possible. But I was truckin’ right along, that’s for sure! It was also homecoming for U of M last weekend, so running by the stadium and through campus provided for some excellent people watching, even that early in the morning. Tailgating and beer pong were in full force, even at 7:30 in the morning.

U of M tailgate

Then, around mile 5, I suddenly bit it. I have no idea why or how, but I lost my footing and fell–hard–skidding along the sidewalk and scraping myself up pretty nicely. Oh, and busting a hole in my brand new shirt and tights. Yeah.


Goodbye $100 . . . it was fun while it lasted!

I got right back up because I had quite an audience of tailgaters. Once I was sure that nothing was broken, I brushed myself off and did the logical thing–I kept going. I mean, what else was I supposed to do, right? But it occurred to me that this is the second time in about 3 months that I have straight up fallen on my face! I mean, does this happen to other people??? As I lay there on Saturday morning, I thought, “this feels oddly familiar.” Yeah, because it is, you klutz! Like a bull in a china shop, I tell ya. If there is an accident to be had, I will find a way to get myself in on that.

Perhaps I need to go the way of the padded snow suit?? Because I’m pretty sure I’m going to bust something someday soon.

Kid s Padded Suit SUGS001

But, I dusted myself off and kept going, and I’d say that counts for a lot, right? Aside from some scrapes and my busted knee, I wasn’t too worse for the wear, and I was actually able to maintain an 8:42 pace for the overall run. Not too shabby! How on earth I was faster than last week considering I probably spent a full minute lying on the ground is beyond me, but I’ll take it!

So . . . why have I been faster on my long runs these last couple of weeks? Well, there’s only one thing that’s really changed. I hate to admit it, but . . .


It’s really the only thing that makes any sort of sense. Even with my wimpy 3 lb. weights, strength training seems to be making me faster. I still hate every second of it, but I am kind of in love with running faster. So if weight training is what it takes, then I guess that’s what I’m doing!

I don’t, however, love what it does to my body. I’m looking really lean these days and not in a way I’m all that fond of. I know it’s just for a couple more weeks while I’m training for this half, but veins sticking out of my arms isn’t really my favorite look. It probably doesn’t help that when I went out for Halloween the other night, I overheard some dude saying that I didn’t look good. Thanks, guy. Not like I don’t have enough body image issues as it is!

Anyway, regardless of my sinewy-ness, I am proud of myself for the way I’m running and for picking myself back up after that fall. I’m so hardcore. ;)

Do you find you run faster when you strength train? What else makes you fast???

9 thoughts on “Bit IT

  1. Oh no! Your poor new tights! That sucks,
    I love that running picture. I definitely look like a giant tool when I am running, but ohh well.
    I am not a big enough expert on either strength training or running to help you out, but I agree with Claire, I can also help you get rid of those nuts!

  2. I haaaaaaaaaaate when you splurge and then it gets ruined. Happens to me far too often! I have yet to break down and buy quality running tights, but the time is quickly approaching every day that it gets colder. You’re gonna be so speedy come time for your half marathon! I can’t wait to see what you end up running time-wise :) Guess you may need to go out and buy some new clothes now… or we can do it online together ;-)

  3. I too have fallen on my face. I tend to trip on simple things, you know, like the floor. I also walk into doorjambs and hit elbows on counters. I feel your pain! Speedy run even with the fall though.
    And yes, weights, and cross training (especially plyometrics) makes me faster!

  4. Woo hoo so glad you got your package!!! And I’m sorry about your knee…that looks painful! I don’t ever really run for speed so I’m not sure if strength training makes me faster, but I definitely notice that my knees don’t hurt as much!

  5. Oh Lady! A hole the first time you wear them! :-( NOT FAIR! What a bummer! Check out Nike clearance or a Nike outlet. I have found some really good deals for running tights there.

    And that ass-hole who you overheard comment about you….banish that jerk comment out of your mind…FOREVER! You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Remember that!

  6. What a bummer on the clothes! Can you patch it up?? :)

    What kind of ass would say you don’t look good?

    I really need to add more lower body strength training into my routine. I’ve been avoiding while marathon training, but I DO think it helps you get faster – especially if you do pylometrics!!

    It was UCF’s homecoming last weekend too — LOTS of drunkity drunks on the roads on Sunday morning. Fun times.

  7. I completely understand! Back in March/April when I was training for my half – there were a few weeks in a row of long runs where I would just trip and fall flat on my ass for no reason. It got to the point where I stopped wearing my lululemon run inspired crops because it kept happening whenever I wore them… Good luck with the half coming up!!

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