RSP & Brother Bear

Happy Sunday!

I didn’t find time to blog yesterday because I was busy enjoying being home! Yippee!

But I did mostly the standard stuff yesterday . . .

Running (HOT)




Pool Smile


It was a good, loung-y day, and I definitely needed it after weeks of having my life up in the air. Between the new job, traveling and moving, I needed to power down.

Last night my parents and I ventured out for some good Italian at Andiamo in Dearborn, which is about 45 minutes from their house. After some confusion as to whether there was room for us in the dining room (there totally was!), we got a table and ordered some Chianti to share.


Last night, I decided to play around with my camera at dinner (because that’s a super classy thing to do in a nice restaurant, right?) and try taking photos with and without the flash. I know for food photography, you’re not supposed to use one, but my camera isn’t all that fancy. Anyway. Here’s a side by side comparison. My untrained eye has no idea which photo is better.


Someone, please school me.

We also shared a bread basket that had the yummiest breadsticks inside. I ate, well, all of them.


My entrée also came with a side of pasta which came out before the meal. I shared because I’m nice like that.


I’m not a huge pasta fan, but this was pretty tasty. Really, I just like the sauce, so I used my bread to sop it up and left the noodles to dad. He likes everything. Smile

For dinner, I ordered pan-seared jumbo sea scallops served with sweet corn and basil broth, wild mushrooms and white truffle essence, topped with sautéed spinach (totally copied and pasted that from their online menu—my memory isn’t that good!).




No flash

The scallops were really good—cooked perfectly with a nice seared crust and tender inside, not rubbery or overdone. I loved the mushrooms in the broth, too. They weren’t too mushroomy, if that makes sense. Just light and delicious.

After dinner, we headed up the road for the real reason we were in Dearborn—to hear my brother’s band!


{Further evidence of my lack of photography skills}

Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway plays a mix of country, pop and Southern rock that has such a fun sound. I love that they mix guitars with bongos—it makes it really unique. They do some covers and some of their own original stuff, but everything has their own twist on it, which I really like. I was so excited to get to go since I haven’t been to see them since last summer!


My brother bear.

{Yes, I call my brother “Brother” or “Brother Bear” and he calls me “Sister.” Smile}

My brother is actually a really good guitarist. When we were kids and he first started playing, he was abysmal. I mean, really really bad. I hated it. He knew one song, and we heard it over and over again.

My girl, my girl

Don’t lie to me

Tell me where

Did you sleep

Last night

Again and again . . . and again. Ugh. He even told me when I went off to college that I’d taught him that phrases like, “Turn it down!” and “Go away!” can’t possibly be overused. Yeah, we got along so well. Winking smile

But now, it’s really impressive to me that he’s pretty much awesome. I mean, I have no musical skills whatsoever except being a killer singer in the car, but let’s be honest, who isn’t?? I’m a proud sister watching my little bro up on stage!


Also impressive? They have 860 “likes” on Facebook. I don’t even have half that number of friends on Facebook. Nice work, kids. Nice work.

Today, I’m doing my own version of the Jersey Shore’s GTL. Mine’s RSP—run, smoothie, pool. I think it’s much better. I may also get around to finally unloading my car. I’m running out of things to wear, so I guess it’s probably time.

Do you have siblings? What did they do when you were kids that you hated but now actually like about them?

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