Kale Fail

If you are a regular reader of blogs, you’ve probably heard of Kale Chips by now.  Hesitant to commit to an entire bag of kale, I’ve put off making them . . . I’m fickle like that.  I can’t commit.  I’m not a gambler.  I like to play it safe and eat roasted vegetables and bowls of caramelized onions like it’s my job. 

But the kale was on sale . . .

(didn’t even mean to rhyme that, but I secretly like it!)

Kale Chips Fail 001

. . . so I committed.  I bought the whole giant bag of kale. 

It kinda freaked me out.

I may have had a (mild) panic attack.

But I did it.

Determined not to screw this up, I followed Kath’s recipe because Kath is like, a blog-Goddess and knows all things kale.  I trust Kath when it comes to Kale.  Kath for Kale President.  Or something. 

So, my kale went into a bowl . . .

Kale Chips Fail 004

Where I sprayed it liberally with cooking spray, and seasoned it with a little Garlic Gold and S&P.

Kale Chips Fail 006

Mix it up!

Kale Chips Fail 007

And spread it out in an even layer on a sprayed cookie sheet.

Kale Chips Fail 008

Into a 375* oven for 15 minutes . . . here is where I fail.  My oven tends to run a little on the hot side and in my exhausted stupor, I sort of forgot about that. Embarrassed smile

After 12 minutes in the oven, it smelled done. 

Kale Chips Fail 009

It wasn’t totally burnt, but I could tell it didn’t turn out like it was supposed to.  Still crunchy and salty, but a tiny bit singed. 

But I will not give up!

(I cannot give up . . . I have an enormous bag of kale in my fridge.)

It was tasty with a repeat of Saturday’s Panini, though!

Kale Chips Fail 011

And this little guy looked a little better than the rest!  Super crispy (but not burned)!

Kale Chips Fail 013

I wouldn’t call it a culinary success, but I will prevail!  Kale Chips—Round 2—will be happening soon! 

In the meantime, what else can I do with all this kale??? 

6 thoughts on “Kale Fail

  1. Rose says:

    I bake chopped up potatoes (yukon gold or fingerlings work best) and onions in the oven with a bit of olive oil til almost done. Then I stir in kale and swiss cheese and cook another 10 mins or so until the kale wilts and the cheese melts and viola, potato kale casserole. SO YUMMY! Can also add salt, pepper, garlic and/or red pepper to season a bit more. Kale goes really really well with potatoes and swiss cheese.

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